Our Legacy

The Original Third Eye has a very glorious history, as the legacy has been passed on two generations. Chef Arun (our current Head chef and owner) learnt all the tricks of the chef trade from his father. Back in India, his father was a very well renowned chef in Delhi and worked in many famous restaurants. One that specifically stands out is Moghul Mahal (a restaurant featuring Mughlai cuisine) at the foothills of Red Fort, as Chef Arun’s journey kickstarted in this very place while working alongside his father, Mr Saudagarmal Kumar.

He was spotted and appreciated for his amazing cooking skills and invited to the UK as a professional chef. There was no stopping after that. Chef Arun has worked in many restaurants across Ireland, Harrogate, London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Having friends and family from the F&B industry was an additional boost both knowledge wise and morally.

He also has mentored many chefs himself and is proud to see his students soaring high and starting their own restaurants all over the world, including the US.
The Original Third eye is a Nepalese-Indian cuisine, one of the unique yet comforting combinations like a marriage. This restaurant was born out of wedlock as well! Chef Arun is married to Mela, who is a Nepalese by descent and from a very well established and renowned Nepalese restaurant background. After soaking in all the knowledge from his father and father-in-law, this award-winning restaurant was founded in the 1980’s.