‘What you sow, so shall you reap’ is our favourite life Mantra. We truly believe in blessings that have led us to our success and giving it back to those who are less fortunate would only add on to our blessings.

Here, at The Original Third Eye, we strive hard to grow on an individual level as well as a community. We raise funds with the help of our customers and personally donate to good causes and legit charities. From donating to an artificial limb centre in Kathmandu- for victims and non-victims of the earthquake to Nepal health care development centre for medical aid. All the donations are made personally after travelling to these places and meeting the ones who need the most.

We also collaborated and donated to the Dhurmus Suntali foundation who are a famous comedian troupe and helped the homeless re-build their houses after the devastating earthquake in Kathmandu and those who needed support to continue with their education.

Closer to home, we fed the homeless at the Cornerstone House in Manchester. We have not let lockdown knock us down. We were fortunate enough to feed students who were deprived of school meals and gladly donated to Perry’s Pantry Food Bank and community grocers who roughly feed 250 families per day.

Free School meals

I’m sure everyone has read about the ‘meals’ being provided to those less fortunate during these difficult times. We understand

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On behalf of the Original Third Eye restaurant would like to thank all our dearest customers who donated to the

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