On behalf of the Original Third Eye restaurant would like to thank all our dearest customers who donated to the Nepal earth quake appeal that we set up. I know it’s been a while that the earth quake struck Nepal, but I wanted to come out to nepal and check out the charities myself and see if the donations where going to be used and not pocketed by organisations etc……You all helped us raise £2776.00 and Thankyou. I have tried to make sure that this money will be used appropriately and was going to a worthy and needy cause. I came to nepal for a one week and in this one week I’ve had to try and fit visiting charities all over kathmandu. So far donations of £1536.00 have been distributed and their is money remaining of £1246.00. This will be distributed later as while I was in kathmandu I came across organisation that I thought were not worthy of our donations. To act on The Original Third Eye behalf, and yourselves, I have left Mr pramod Khanal, a family with only my permission and approval to issue the money too charities that really would benefit from our donations.

We donated 80,000rs to this charity as this charity also looked after 12 year old yangmo from sindapalchowk village. As I was talking to the director of this charity he showed me a similar case like yangmo who had a metal plate put into her head as she also suffered similar head injuries like yangmo. I know that this money will definitely be used wisely and distrbuted to the needy. Thankyou once again Rakesh Agarwal and Pinky Agarwal